Availability ended 1/22/2021 EDT
Cida, Adriana, Cris, Maitê, Kamila, Djamila, Duília, Gabriela, Carla, Jéssica, Gina, Nina. Regardless of their professional life – either astronomer, soccer player, philosopher, nurse, teacher, domestic helper, entrepreneur or CEO – these women deal with gender inequality at work every single day. The gap between men and women, white and black women, in what regards education, wage, home care, children and career promotion turned into a real gender abyss. This documentary follows these women through their routine uncovering the meaning of work for them, which inevitably surpasses their professional life and embraces motherhood, parenting, breadwinning, taking care, being a spouse, dreaming. All in a 24-hour period.


Directed by Tatiana Vilella Carolina Roxo Day Rodrigues Fernanda Polacow Selma Perez

Written by Fernanda Polacow

Produced by Sylvio Rocha Fabio Glingani